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The family tree can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the picture displaying a detail of it.

As it may seem to be a little confusing at first glance, there is an introduction available.

The following characters are listed in the family tree:

 1) Aaron Southworth

2a) Maggie Monnahan
2b) "Digger Barnes": Willard Barnes
2c) Rebecca Barnes-Wentworth
2d) Herbert Wentworth
2e) Hutch McKinnie
2f) Patricia Shepard
2g) Garison Southworth
2h) Lord Henry Montford
2i) Jessica Montford
2j) Aimie Farlow
2k) Clayton Farlow
2l) "Miss Ellie": Eleanor Southworth-Ewing
2m) "Jock Ewing": John Ross Ewing Senior
2n) Amanda Ewing
2o) Jason Ewing
2p) Nancy Shaw-Ewing
2q) Atticus Ward
2r) Arlen Ward
2s) Amy Thompson-Stevens
2t) Amus Krebbs
2u) Margaret Krebbs
2v) Lilian Mae ("Lil") Trotter
2w) Jonas Culver
2x) Lucas Wade

3a) Vanessa Beaumont
3b) Jim Monnahan
3c) Arless Cooper
3d) Tylor Barnes
3e) Katherine Wentworth
3f) Jeff Faraday
3g) Kristin Shepard
3h) Don Lockwood
3i) Sue Ellen Shepard-Ewing
3j) "J. R. Ewing": John Ross Ewing II.
3k) Cally Harper-Ewing
3l) Steven ("Dusty") Farlow
3m) Linda Farlow
3n) Garison Arthur ("Gary") Ewing
3o) Valene ("Val") Ewing
3p) Jack Ewing
3q) April Stevens
3r) Bobby James Ewing
3s) Pamela Jean ("Pam") Barnes-Ewing
3t) Edison Faraday Haynes
3u) Jamie Ewing
3v) "Cliff Barnes": Clifford Barnes
3w) Michelle ("Shellie") Stevens
3x) Raymond ("Ray") Krebbs
3y) Donna Culver-Krebbs
3z) Sam Culver
3ä) Michael ("Mickey") Trotter
3ö) Jenna Wade
3ü) Renaldo ("Naldo") Marchetta

4a) Debra-Lynn Beaumont
4b) James Richard Beaumont
4c) Harrison Van Buren III.
4d) Afton Cooper
4e) John Ross Ewing III.
4f) Mitchell ("Mitch") Cooper
4g) Lucy-Ann Ewing
4h) Christopher Mark Ewing
4i) Lucas Wade
4j) Margaret Culver
4k) Lou-Ann Culver
4l) David ("Dave") Culver
4m) Charlotte ("Charlie") Wade

5a) James Richard ("Jimmy") Beaumont Junior
5b) Pammie Cooper
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